The world of the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) is a far different place from what it was 10 years ago. One of the biggest evolutions has been that in relation to how digitally enabled small businesses are compared to then. Whilst there is still a long way to go there are some pretty interesting statistics that have come out of the annual Sensis e-Business Report 20161.

Version 1.4:  13 November 2015


Well, finally, we are legally allowed to lane filter on a motorcycle.This article is an attempt to gather up as much information as possible. Bear in mind that while other States also have lane filtering laws, they differ from Victoria's and we won't be looking at them in this article.


WARNING WARNING - I am not writing this piece up as legal advice, these are purely my views on the new legislation. If you have any concerns about the new legislation, ring Vic Roads or talk to a lawyer! Do NOT rely on what is written here for anything other than amateur guidance.


 So what is Lane Filtering?

Lane filtering is defined by Vic Roads as follows:

Lane filtering is when a rider moves at low speed between slow-moving or stopped traffic. The new laws are being brought in to clarify what motorcycle and scooter owners are permitted to do.  

This is different from lane splitting, which is moving in between and passing traffic at high speeds.

This is a woman who was invulnerable. It was a strange trigger. Along time ago, we swiped all of the photos from Barb's Mum's home, from the 50s. I scanned them in. These photos, and a million other family photos from our collection flash up randomly on the TV screensaver. She asked for her wedding photos. And she asked to be moved to the sofa so she could see properly. 

I put them in a slow loop and she sat there quiet, transfixed and concentrated. I think she sensed a tipping point.

As residents of the Central Highlands region we have a rare opportunity to share our aspirations for the region directly into the heart of State Government through the newly formed Regional Partnerships.

As chair of the Central Highlands Regional Partnership, I’m here to tell you that this initiative is  different, and it’s critical that people understand the opportunity we have to genuinely influence how State Government supports priorities in our region.

On November 15, residents from across the region will be gathering in Ballarat for the first Central Highlands regional assembly, and joining us in the conversation will be various Ministers and senior State Government staff, all there to listen to YOUR priorities for YOUR community.

My mother in law, close friend, mentor and feisty lover of life, is dying. She's 80 and she is being ravaged by an unkind cancer that has resulted in an open wound below her neck that has now worked itself to the bone. The pain is becoming more intense and the discomfort is evident. And in spite of all of this Doreen Magness is the epitome of grace under fire.

Once an ample, healthy and always handsome woman, she is now but a mere slip of a body. But there is so much more to her than that. She has chosen to end her days with us. You'd have thought that a dying octogenarian required intensive attention. Yes there are things that need to be done, but there is this beaming light in our house that speaks volumes about accepting the inevitable but more importantly, taking each day at a time and making the most of what we have.