They have an evil rep. Big UAVs flying into Afghanistan and Pakistan and the like. But they're just machines. Big model planes. Like all things its not the technology itself that's the problem, its the way humans use them.

We're starting to build drones. Little ones. For good, not evil. Apart from the fact that they are fun to build, they are really useful things. Our first prototype is less than a metre across and will have 4 electric motors. It'll have a cradle underneath it to carry a camera, probably a GoPro. What are we going to do with them? Lots of things. The first thing we are going to do is fly them up to high areas such as warehouse roofs, so that we can *cheaply* inspect stuff.

And on farms. How fast can we get these little critters over areas where the farmer needs to check something? And again, can we do it cheaply? We're going to find out. What's more. We will start by making them with commonly available parts. The more common the better.

We have our first airframe. Once we get going with the build, we'll post up pics. None of this is rocket science but all of it will be fun :-)